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"Dyslexia, The Gift"

Mary Ann KettlewellMary Ann Kettlewell is our licensed and certified Davis Dyslexia Correction® Facilitator. She has been a registered nurse for 30 years specializing in neurology and epilepsy. She discovered The Davis Dyslexia Correction® Program while trying to help her nine year old nephew. Jake was struggling in school despite the best efforts of his teachers. He was coming home from school exhausted and frustrated. Homework times were tearful and upsetting for the entire family. Mary Ann read with Jake 5 times a week. She noticed he would seem to be making progress one day but then regress the next. Jake tried several different phonics based programs. He felt better that his family realized he had a problem and wanted to help him with it but he still wasn’t having much success at school. His cousin purchased “The Gift of Dyslexia”.Mary Ann noticed that Jake exhibited many of the characteristics of dyslexia. Jake took a week off school to take the five day program. He and his mother faithfully worked on the follow up symbol mastery for the next year. He is now succeeding in school. Homework time is much less stressful and most importantly Jake feels good about himself. His family now have a good understanding of Jake’s learning style. Jake, his family and teachers are all partners and allies in his education. When Mary Ann observed these results with her nephew she decided to train to become a facilitator. She is dedicated to helping children and adults with dyslexia discover their own unique learning style.
She formed an association with Educational Help Inc. and works in the friendly and comfortable environment of Lambeth Learning Centre , 4492 Colonel Talbot Road, in London, Ontario.

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